PerthKnown as the largest capital city in Australia and sunniest state capital, there’s always a ray of sunshine in Perth. With their natural bush lands and beach lifestyle you can really unwind and enjoy  your stay. Perth is incredibly laid back and has a relaxed pace to it it a great place to visit.

Perth has beautifully clean and uncrowded beaches all across the coastline. Cottesloe Beach is Perth’s most famous, with golden sand and a wonderful atmosphere that makes it the perfect destination for a swim. But be clear of when you go. Spring time which is September through November is the best to see sights such as the after winter’s rain or wildflowers blooming, while if you want to swim March through April or October through November is the perfect time to avoid the hot summer or cold winters.

Perth’s must see attractions are the kangaroos. The zoo in Perth has a visitors path where the kangaroos who are used to humans and come wonder on the paths and you can see them up close. Of course Perth also has many parks from King’s Park in the inner-city to John Forrest Parks in the outer-city. Both full of beautiful nature. A must see day trip is to visit Perth is the nature reserve off the coast of Fremantle, Rottnest Island. With opportunities to see wildlife such as whiles and dolphins. If music is something you like The big day out festival held every years in early February is known for the indie music while dance music is played in Perth between October through March.  There are also many restaurants, shopping, and Bar throughout Perth, weather you are looking for something you already tried or looking for something new, Perth’s range of eateries and shopping is huge.

Perth also has many Hotels and motels you can choose from for your stay. The Richardson Hotel and spa is the travelers choice 2013 winner and the number one luxury Hotel in Perth.

Perth is a wonderful quiet and calming place to have a vacation. With the natural beauty it carries and the numerous beaches its the perfect place to visit and explore.

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BrisbaneThe city of Brisbane, is along side the river it was named after. There are many things to do and explore in Brisbane.

With warm to hot summers and warm winters Brisbane is perfect year round. Though from November to March thunderstorms are very common. Brisbane culture is full of music and art, And even does live popular and classical music scenes among their theaters such as the Lyric Theater and Playhouse Theater . They present performances across the country of the choirs and orchestras they have. And Brisbane holds well known modern art in their gallery’s, The newest gallery, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art just opened in 2006.

Brisbane is one of the most popular destinations. You can rent a bike to ride along the Brisbane river or rock climb at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, it’s a perfect vacation spot to be adventurous. Brisbane has many lush parks, such as the Brisbane Forest Park that’s beautiful and full of nature while many others hold sport games. Blooming gardens like the Brisbane Botanic Garden held in the Sir. Thomas Brisbane Planetarium is a sight to remember. Another attraction  Brisbane has is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, that is the first ever Koala Sanctuary in the world.  You can bowl or play golf or visit the many museums Brisbane has such as the MacArthur Museum that can tell you of events of Europe that contributes to Brisbane or The Queensland Maritime Museum that has modern history of Brisbane. Whether to learn or rest, Brisbane is a great place to visit.

Brisbane also has many markets from music to food or just to get a souvenir to remember your stay. The Markets have it all. But, if you don’t know where to start on your stay in Brisbane, they can help. Brisbane greeters, who are volunteers, can show you around, even to places the locals don’t even know about.  The local hotels, such as the Spices Balfour Hotel ranked number one of about one hundred fifty hotels  for about three hundred dollars a night while Kookaburra Inn  is about eighty dollars a night.

Experience Brisbane like no other city. You can  Relax and enjoy your stay or be adventurous and do the many things Brisbane presents.

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AdelaideAdelaide is the capital city of South Australia. Adelaide is known for the many festivals they have and their diverse culture and beautiful beach fronts. Adelaide is surrounded by a blend of historic buildings and park lands.
Adelaide has a warm climate all year long except in the winter months when it rains, but even so, the rarity of it raining in the other months makes it the perfect vacation spot anytime. Known as party city, Adelaide has festivals all year long. Adelaide Fringe runs from February 14th to March 16th and it’s Australia’s largest open-access arts festival.

Most of the beaches in Adelaide are less then a half and hour away from the city, the most famous beach in Adelaide is Glenelg Beach. The popular Brighton Beach is filled with art themed cafe’s and restaurants and you can walk along the cliffs and trails to see the view of the beautiful city below. Semaphore Beach’s white sand is a must see and it’s family safe shallow waters makes it a wonderful place for families with children.

Adelaide also has many gallery’s and museums. The South Australian art gallery and museum should be a must do activity from the collection of art in the gallery to the artifacts in the museums it’s amazing what you can see. Adelaide’s city markets have international food that is a smell sensation. From the fresh fruits, meats, and bakery goods it’s a great place to pick up a few goodies.

Adelaide wildlife is something not to pass up, Monarto Zoological Park has animals from Africa and Asia, the Clevland Wildlife Park have animals that roam free where you can feed or hold them. And Adelaide’s has the only Giant Pandas in the southern hemisphere. You can swim with dolphins or go on wildlife tours, Adelaide is an amazing place to visit.

You can even book a hotel in Australia’s greenest city, Adelaide Green City. The Hilton Hotel is Adelaide’s first ‘green’ Hotel to save energy, for about one hundred and fifty dollars a night. Or stay at another hotel Adelaide has to offer. Adelaide is the perfect place to visit. For a romantic getaway or a whole family experience, you can’t go wrong with all the things you can do and see in Adelaide.

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melbourneMelbourne is the second largest city of Australia, and is quite different in many ways to most other states in Australia.

Melbourne was founded in 1835 by settlers from Tasmania. It has a population of approximately 4.3 million people.

It is located about 859 km from Sydney, and about 650 km from Canberra.

It enjoys a cool temperate climate, with winters being quite cold by Australian standards, and summers being quite hot.

Listed below are some of the most popular activities to do whilst in Melbourne:

  • live performance
  • street culture
  • cafe
  • restaurants
  • fashion
  • shopping
  • spa
  • scenic tours
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sydneySydney is Australia’s first and oldest city. It is the location where the First Fleet landed when they arrived in Australia back in 1788. Sydney is also the largest city in Australia with a population close to 5 million people.

It is also the most frequented city in Australia with regards to international visitors. This popularity with overseas visitors is in no doubt due to the many varied things to see and do. Listed below are some of the key tourist attractions that await the international tourist on their arrival to Sydney:

  • Bondi Beach
  • Sydney CBD shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
  • Cafes
  • Blue Mountains
  • Central Coast
  • South Coast
  • Bushwalking
  • Hiking
  • Surfing
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Income Protection Insurance in Australia

australiaOne of the very most common questions that is often asked of us here at Coast2Coast is exactly how does INCOME PROTECTION insurance work within Australia. For those people who are coming to Australia to live as permanent residents, this is often a topic that they little about. The definition and rules of this type of cover can vary from country to country. Please read on below as we outline some of the key concepts of what this type of insurance means within the context of Australia.

Income protection insurance is an insurance product that is designed to provide income support to you when you are sick or injured for an extended period of time.

Most typically, it enables policy holders to be paid up to 75% of their normal weekly wage, should they need to make a claim against their policy.

As with most financial products, it is recommended that you shop around to make sure that you are getting a good deal. Take advantage of an income protection insurance quote website, to obtain multiple quotes quickly and easily. When you submit your details with these types of companies, they typically will get back to you the same day to ask you a few questions that will assist in preparing your free quotes. They will then be able to email your free quotes to you. You will then be in a position to take this information with you when you go to see your financial adviser, who will be able to advise you on a policy that is suitable for your own personal circumstances.

Getting an Australian Life Insurance Quote

Life InsuranceLife insurance is one of those things that no-one really enjoys talking about. But despite this, it is for many Australians a valued product to have.

A life insurance policy is a financial product that is designed to provide financial support for person(s) that you have nominated.

Whatever loved ones that you have nominated to receive your life insurance benefit, they can use the money for any purpose that they desire – whether it be to help with the funeral costs, pay off your home loan mortgage, assist with daily living expenses, or even pay for your children’s education expenses. The choice is up to them.

The amount of life insurance cover that you will need, will depend on several factors. Some things to consider in this regard include things like; the value of any existing debts that you might want to pay off with you life insurance policy, or even the number of children that you have.

If you are thinking about taking out a life insurance policy, it will definitely be a good idea to shop around and consider more than one policy option. Getting multiple life insurance quotes from a variety of insurers will give you a good overall picture of the different types of policies being offered by different insurers, the inclusions and exclusions of each, and how their monthly / yearly premiums compare.

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