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Coast 2 Coast is your leading travel and exploration website about Australia. We unleash the opportunities in your visit to Australia by giving you the local insight and expert tools so your experience is beyond amazing. Coast 2 Coast is your expert local connection who can make your visit a truly unique experience with interesting details and expert information on your choice Australian destination.

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Our resources, articles, links and partners opens up a world of exciting planning options for your visit with information on shopping, dining, hotel and recommendations. These resources are meant to help you get a true feel for each Australian destination.

Coast 2 Coast aims to provide you with the latest, most accurate information not only about Australia in general, but also about the small, local treasures and businesses that you don’t find in any guidebook. We are your Australian travel planning partners who get you the right information even before you arrive.

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Our aim is to provide the best information whether you are an experienced traveler or this is your first time in Australia. We are your local hosts and experts on travelling in and around Australia from Coast 2 Coast. Our local knowledge combined with your interests will ensure that every day of your stay is the memorable and unforgettable experience you want.
From all of us at Coast 2 Coast …. Welcome to Australia, mate!!!