Melbourne 365

Live life large in Melbourne, the world’s most livable city. It’s Australia’s culture capital – a place where fashion, food, education, and sports meet up with the spectacular beauty and scenery of the state of Victoria. Melbourne is a city full of attractions every traveler. Whether you are a local yourself or from across the globe, the city has something for you.


Cool, exciting and enriching experiences await you here. There is a cool and international acclaimed street art scene with interesting murals and stencils in approved outdoor locations throughout the city. Most popular are the ones on Hosier and Rutledge Lanes just across Federation square as well as those you can see at Caledonian Lane just a little ways from Little Burke Street.

The discerning shopper can comb through the city’s network of laneways and arcades to find one-off grabs or trendy discoveries along Little Collins Street through to Brunswick Street and Gertrude Street. Period and vintage pieces can also be found on Chapel Street as well as international brands at Emporium.

Take a break from your day by dining at some of the world’s best food experiences from high-end, fine dining to off-the-counter burgers or fish-and-chips throughout Melbourne’s many dining establishments. From world famous establishments like Attica – among the 50 best restaurants in the world – to MoVida on Hosier Lane, which is also a street art location.

But for a taste of the laidback Australian lifestyle and the great culture vibe of Melbourne, take a tram ride to the St. Kilda Esplanade to check out the local pub scene at bars like Espy. Wolf down the best fish and chips at the beach or take on the burgers at Barney Allen’s. But don’t miss the pizza at Mr. Wolf as well.

Melbourne is more than just shopping and dining. Its outdoor parks and gardens are world-famous as well. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens along the banks of the scenic Yarra River and then have a picnic at Fitzroy Gardens.

fitzroy gardens

On other days, you can take short day trips to the Yarra Valley region where some of the world’s best known wines are made. Head over to the Healesville Sanctuary to meet and greet koalas and other Australian wildlife or drive through the Danenoong Ranges for spectacular forest scenes and interesting villages along the way.

Throughout the year, Melbourne is also host to a variety of international and local festivals and events that will highlight any visit. It is the sports capital of Australia and plays host to the Australian Open and the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. And even if you are not a horse racing fan, the Melbourne Cup Carnival offers a multitude of activities that can make your experience just as memorable.

formula 1

Throughout the year, there are several famous festivals where famous artists and performers have participated. The food and wine connoisseur is sure to enjoy the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival while the music lover will be interested in the playdates for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. One of the annual highlights is the Royal Melbourne Show and the Melbourne Festival that showcases international and local talents.

There are many reasons to visit Melbourne. Enjoy its cultural vibe throughout the city or head outwards and outdoors to enjoy the spectacular vistas and amazing beaches. Just how many reasons are there to visit Melbourne? There are exactly 365!


Here’s an idea: try going from South to North

It’s unconventional but might be a good idea if you want to explore Australia but don’t know where to start. While most visitors make Sydney their entry point to the country, try a different approach. Go from south to north.

Start your expedition in Melbourne and experience its cosmopolitan feel and cultural vibe. On the urban side, visit its intricate network of districts and laneways for those hidden gems of an experience. You will soon realize why Melbourne is a shopping haven as well as a food destination. Check out the city’s outdoor attractions like the Royal Botanic Gardens and its many parks and while you’re at it, take in the local flavor at St. Kilda and the Victoria Market.

melbourne city

Don’t miss the awesome Great Ocean Road while you’re there. It’s one of the most beautiful and scenic drives you will ever experience.

Going a little further up the coast from Melbourne will find you in Sydney. Soak up the sun on Bondi Beach then enjoy the looking at the impressive Sydney skyline anytime of the day. The mandatory visit to the iconic Sydney Opera House will also bring you within walking distance of the city’s Royal Botanic Garden as well as Hyde Park.

From Wednesdays to Sundays, be sure to drop by Paddy’s Markets at Haymarket. It’s been around for 150 years offering an awesome collection of products and food that will delight any traveler.

If you have some time, take a trip to the magnificent Blue Mountains. Get there at the right time of the year and you’ll find out why they are referred to as the Blue Mountains.

blue mountains, australia

After a few days in Sydney, you can decide to visit one of Australia’s most iconic natural wonders – Uluru. While you’re in the area don’t miss Kata Tjuta whose beauty rivals Uluru itself. This is your real Australian outback experience. Enjoy the peace and quiet that that will have a refreshing effect on mind and spirit.

After that refreshing detour to the outback, you can resume your northward trek by going back to New South Wales and continuing northwards to Queensland. Drop by Coffs Harbor and Byron Bay along the way.

When you find yourself in Brisbane, don’t miss out on the famously cool Australian Zoo. Yes, that’s “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin’s zoo.

australian zoo

Though not really famous around the world, you can take a chocolate walking tour and enjoy everything cocoa as well as few local businesses around that theme. There’s also another tour – The Craft Beer Tour. This tour will take you through several niche businesses who brew their own beers and you get to sample several different kinds.

And as you move north deeper into Queensland, it’s time for a few more refreshing beach stops like Noosa and Rainbow Beach. When you get to northern Queensland you can drop by for a quick pit stop at Townsville before heading out on the last leg of your trip from south to north.

rainbow beach

At this point, you’re a lot closer to the final stop. Going farther up north will bring you to Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef. There’s plenty to attract your attention while in Cairns, but don’t get distracted from another iconic slice of the Australian experience – dive The Great Barrier Reef.



A few tips to get out of the way before you get to the fun and exploration.

That wonderful sunshine …

The sun is relentless here so it’s best to wear a wide brimmed hat or a cap most of the time. As much as possible never go shirtless. On the telly, especially during summer, you will see plenty of Australian informercials reminding you that there’s nothing healthy about a tan. Your best bet is to have sunblock with at least 30 SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and be a little bit generous when you apply it to areas of body that you expect will have the most exposure throughout the day.


Bring a smaller tube of your sunblock with you all the time. You never know when you need to reapply. In fact, a few sunblock lotions give protection that don’t last the whole day.


Tipping and Bargaining

Tipping is mostly not expected. But establishments in Australia do not add a service charge to your bill. For anybody, local or tourist, tipping is still the best way of expressing appreciation when service rendered is beyond expectations is still the tip. Usually, at high-end restaurants and other dining establishments it is common to tip servers at least ten percent of the total bill.

There are plenty of shopping attractions and options all throughout the major cities in Australia. You will be amazed at the array of choices you find and may be tempted to haggle to get the most out of your money. It’s not customary to bargain. However, Australia is such a multi-cultural nation and such a tourist friendly place that you will find some shop owners can offer better deals to make the sale.


Everyday Kit

Whether you packed light or not on your way here, it’s best to bring along a small bag or purse that is comfortable to lug around during your daily explorations. Bring important information in that bag as well. A good guideline on what to pack inside that everyday kit is to think of it this way: you lose all your luggage and other stuff, but with what’s in your everyday kit you can get home.


Keep some form of identification and your tourist visa details (which is usually just a number) in the bag. Having enough cash to get you through the day is also useful even if you use a credit/debit card most of the time. That occasional, rare find may be much easier to purchase with cash.

Sometimes your choice of everyday bag will also matter. Some prefer fanny packs while others prefer sling bags that go over your shoulder and hang to your side. Backpacks are good, but quick access is an issue.


Resealable Plastic Bags

Yes. Small to medium-sized resealable plastic bags. Like Ziplock. The ones you use to keep food fresh in the freezer or in the veggie bin. Yes those ones.

Keep maybe one or two of these in your everyday bag. When you’re out having fun it’s easy to forget that you have important electronic gadgets and other items that might need protection when things start getting wet and wild. There are plenty of gorgeous beaches and other water attractions in Australia. So before you dive in, put these electronic gadgets and other important stuff inside your resealable bags. Even if you and your bag go into the water unexpectedly, your gadgets and other important stuff don’t get damaged.