Here’s an idea: try going from South to North

It’s unconventional but might be a good idea if you want to explore Australia but don’t know where to start. While most visitors make Sydney their entry point to the country, try a different approach. Go from south to north.

Start your expedition in Melbourne and experience its cosmopolitan feel and cultural vibe. On the urban side, visit its intricate network of districts and laneways for those hidden gems of an experience. You will soon realize why Melbourne is a shopping haven as well as a food destination. Check out the city’s outdoor attractions like the Royal Botanic Gardens and its many parks and while you’re at it, take in the local flavor at St. Kilda and the Victoria Market.

melbourne city

Don’t miss the awesome Great Ocean Road while you’re there. It’s one of the most beautiful and scenic drives you will ever experience.

Going a little further up the coast from Melbourne will find you in Sydney. Soak up the sun on Bondi Beach then enjoy the looking at the impressive Sydney skyline anytime of the day. The mandatory visit to the iconic Sydney Opera House will also bring you within walking distance of the city’s Royal Botanic Garden as well as Hyde Park.

From Wednesdays to Sundays, be sure to drop by Paddy’s Markets at Haymarket. It’s been around for 150 years offering an awesome collection of products and food that will delight any traveler.

If you have some time, take a trip to the magnificent Blue Mountains. Get there at the right time of the year and you’ll find out why they are referred to as the Blue Mountains.

blue mountains, australia

After a few days in Sydney, you can decide to visit one of Australia’s most iconic natural wonders – Uluru. While you’re in the area don’t miss Kata Tjuta whose beauty rivals Uluru itself. This is your real Australian outback experience. Enjoy the peace and quiet that that will have a refreshing effect on mind and spirit.

After that refreshing detour to the outback, you can resume your northward trek by going back to New South Wales and continuing northwards to Queensland. Drop by Coffs Harbor and Byron Bay along the way.

When you find yourself in Brisbane, don’t miss out on the famously cool Australian Zoo. Yes, that’s “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin’s zoo.

australian zoo

Though not really famous around the world, you can take a chocolate walking tour and enjoy everything cocoa as well as few local businesses around that theme. There’s also another tour – The Craft Beer Tour. This tour will take you through several niche businesses who brew their own beers and you get to sample several different kinds.

And as you move north deeper into Queensland, it’s time for a few more refreshing beach stops like Noosa and Rainbow Beach. When you get to northern Queensland you can drop by for a quick pit stop at Townsville before heading out on the last leg of your trip from south to north.

rainbow beach

At this point, you’re a lot closer to the final stop. Going farther up north will bring you to Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef. There’s plenty to attract your attention while in Cairns, but don’t get distracted from another iconic slice of the Australian experience – dive The Great Barrier Reef.